CURRENT PRESS: August 2018

“Dear Marie Stopes” has featured in the Independent, the Evening Standard, The Guardian and on Radio 4 Today. Here are some other excerpts from the press coverage!

“Desperation itself, Thorp remarks, “can be weirdly melodic. A lot of these letters, particularly from working-class women, had the same sort of rhythm, ‘I am X years old, I’ve had this many children, this many have survived’ … this hesitancy before they open the floodgates, and reveal this really deep, really intimate, really raw tragedy. There is a lot of innate poetry in that.”

“I can’t do the gonorrhoea duet! The opera about pioneer expert Marie Stopes”, Zoe Williams, Guardian 7 August 2018


Married Love felt like such a sea change because it was the first time this wealth of knowledge was made available to the public the world over,” Nina Brazier, the opera’s director, tells  Many women didn’t know how to start or stop having children. Some didn’t even know what sex was. Stopes also explained female sexuality and female libido in great detail, giving permission for women to have equal sexual desire to men and the right to bodily freedom for the first time.”

“How Marie Stopes revolutionised British women’s sex lives”, Stylist, August 7 2018


“In an innovative collaboration with the Wellcome Collection, new chamber opera Dear Marie Stopes sees composer Alex Mills explore extracts from the thousands of letters Stopes received following the publication of her controversial 1918 sex manual Married Love.”

“The best alternative hip opera shows to see this summer,” The Independent, August 2018



“There are strong folk-pop influences and also the bonus of a terrific libretto by JR Thorp, which Young adequately described as beautifully reflecting the rich world of monsters and battles. Young says he enjoys ‘blurring’ traditional senses when he composes, mixing in folk elements to classical, or classical ideas into pop.”

Review of Beowulf, “Legendary Tale Is A Family Delight”, Alan Wallcroft, Bromsgrove Advertiser 2017.